Anguilla Securiy

Anguilla Security & Health

The local Anguilla government has done much to ensure that guests staying at an Anguilla resort or villa remain safe and happy during their trip. The island is quiet and has a very low crime rate; emergency facilities, similarly, are easily accessible from any Anguilla resort or villa rental. This aside, travelers planning an Anguilla resort or villa stay should keep a few things in mind:

The Caribbean sun is hot, and Anguilla is no exception. To prevent sunburn, Anguilla resort visitors should always be careful to cover up with sunscreen and avoid spending long hours on the beach unprotected. Think about finding a nice shady spot outside of your Anguilla resort, or head inside for an afternoon siesta during the hottest hours of the day!

Though theft is a small issue on Anguilla, there is no use risking losing your valuables by leaving them unattended. Take them with you when you leave your Anguilla resort, and lock up car doors when you hit the beach.

Because Anguilla is small, a hospital and pharmacies should be within a short distance from virtually every Anguilla resort. Anguilla's Princess Alexandra Hospital is located in Sandy Ground, the popular Anguilla resort town on the island's northwestern coast. Dialing 911 from any Anguilla resort area, however, will get you quick and reliable emergency service to Sandy Ground.

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