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Activities in Anguilla: Caribbean Fun

Tourists don't come to Anguilla for exciting nightlife or round-the-clock entertainment, but there are still plenty of activities to keep visitors more than happy and occupied on Anguilla. Caribbean beaches, for one, do not get any whiter or fluffier than on this small island getaway and each one possesses its own special charm. Sun-worshippers can enjoy, for example, the sands and waters in two different ways on Anguilla - Caribbean-style on the northwestern coast, or Oceanside on its southeastern Atlantic shores. Among the best beaches of Anguilla, Caribbean-side strips, are Island Harbour, Barnes Bay, and Road Bay. In the southeast and west of Anguilla, Caribbean calm gives way to the boisterous Atlantic, and beaches on that side of the island range from secluded to bustling. For a little peace and quiet, visit Cove Bay or Mimi Bay. Shoal Bay and Rendezvous Bay are a little livelier with beachside snack shacks and an eclectic group of day-trippers. On Anguilla, Caribbean self-guided snorkeling is best off of Maundays Bay, Mimi Bay, Barnes Bay, and Sandy Hill.

For something a little different in Anguilla, Caribbean culture is showcased every Thursday night at La Sirena Hotel in Meads Bay. The Mayoumba Folkloric Theater puts on a spirited song-and-dance number using African drum beats and a live string band. For a break from the tranquility of Anguilla, Caribbean flair comes alive at Uncle Ernie's in Shoal Bay and Johnno's Beach Stop in Sandy Ground, where live music and dancing crowds blend almost nightly.

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